Rotary International leaders from across Canada gathered recently in Toronto to present Prime Minister Stephen Harper with the Rotary Foundation Polio Eradication Champion Award, recognizing Canada's efforts to eliminate polio globally. Rotary District Governor Ariane Carriere of Cornwall, Ontario was among those attending the ceremony.
Carriere is a strong supporter of eradicating polio and recently headed up an event in Ottawa that brought together Rotarians from throughout the district she governs to raise funds for polio eradication. “Rotary International and its partners are very close.” Carriere said. “With a commitment of more than $580 million since 1988, Canada has been a major partner with Rotary International in the effort to eradicate polio. It was an honour to be part of the ceremony hosted by The Rotary Foundation.”
Prime Minister Harper said: “I am honoured to receive this prestigious award that recognizes the significant efforts and contributions that our Government continues to make towards eradicating polio. We will continue to work with our partners to help put an end to this devastating childhood disease which can be prevented with a simple vaccine.”
The Rotary District that Carriere governs includes clubs in the OttawaMontréal and Kingston areas, as well as northern New York State and Nunavut. More information about Rotary and the campaign to end polio can be found on the Rotary District website