Our outbound arrived in Switzerland and sends us a great report:


Hello all, 
I've made it safely to Switzerland! It's about 7 right now here, and I'm writing you all before I leave for my first day of school here. 
Let me tell you: learning some German BEFORE I came on exchange has been a life-saver. I've quickly and effortlessly adjusted to local and family life here, and I think conversational knowledge of German has greatly helped to facilitate this. So many people here have told me that "mein Deutsch ist sehr gut!" and that virtually every other exchange student/American they've met before had little to no knowledge of the language. I think it's helped for a great first impression, both for Rotary and for the USA. 
As I wrote earlier, I start school today. I could have waited to start school because in one week I will be out of school for my German Camp, but I wanted the experience. It turns out that I just so happened to be placed in the class where the Arts and Language are the main foci, and as a result I will be able to choose Music as my "Schwerpunkt," which is like a college major. So, this means I will have 1-3+ hrs of music a day, every day! I will also take Bio, Chem, Physics, Geography, Math, Italian, and Sport as part of the normal G2 Studentplan.
I will update you more later, as I have to leave now. Truly, everything is so good here. Bis bald! 
Best, Andrew Baker