Happy Tuesday! Spring is here in the North Country and the Sunrise Rotary is busy planning all our summer events. 
We started out the meeting by hearing from Tom Labombard on the history of the environmental movement. Tom spoke on the history of saving of natural and unique lands, air, and water quality. 
Mayor's Cup Meeting from Sue: 
As discussed at last week's meeting, we will have a sponsorship meeting tomorrow evening at Mickey's restaurant at 5:30. Since Michelle and the fundraising committee sent out the sponsor letters, we just want to meet and discuss how we can move forward with reaching out to those organizations and businesses for followup. Even if you are not on the sponsorship committee, please join us. We welcome new ideas, suggestions, and even an opportunity to meet some of our newer members who haven't been part of our club for long.
The goal this year is $20,000, so all of your help is greatly appreciated!!!
We will be participating in the Outside Art program this summer, details to come. 
Note From President Eric:
I just wanted to send a few updates from today's meeting.  I apologize to the folks attending via Zoom that you cannot hear the audience members speaking, MHAB has not replaced the missing audience microphones and that is frustrating to you all I am sure. I just wanted to drop a couple quick updates:
1. Attached is the "no mow may flyer" from Roger
2. Attached is the "battery recycling event" from Roger
3. Attached is a thank you card from the Hallocks in regard to the donation we made when their newborn baby passed away
As a reminder to those that were not in attendance, we updated you about the upcoming Tagless Sale happening on 4/15. We need volunteers in a big way - please see the email that Joan sent this morning linking you to the volunteer spreadsheet. I am trying to get some volunteers from my office for both Saturday and to help with pickups on Friday 4/14. Please reach out to Joan with any questions on how you can help us!
I think that's it for now - have a great rest of your week.
Tagless Sale update from Joan: 
Dear Libby Queguiner,
Here is the link for a google doc with all the dates and times we need volunteers.  Please feel free to share with family and friends.  We need as many hands on deck for set up at 6:00 AM.
There is a spot for people with trucks that can help pick up items from people who can't drop them off to us.  I won't know there is a need until people call so if you can let me know if you have a truck. I can let you know when I have someone in need.  
We want to encourage people to drop off their stuff to us.  We only want to have to pick up when it is absolutely necessary. 
Any Rotarians that have items to donate can just bring them the day of the sale at 6:00 AM, unless you can't come the day of or  you have a few loads.  The less stuff we have to store the night before the better.  
Please reach out to me if you have any questions, 518-441-1818 or Joan.Sterling@cancer.org.
NOTE: next week's meeting will be a board meeting. All are invited to attend, use the link on the homepage. 7:30 AM 
Have something to add/comments/corrections? Email Libby at Libby@taylorrentalny.com