Javaughn at New Hope Orphanage in Jamaica.
Would you like to donate items to the only orphanage in central Jamaica that accepts babies?
New Hope Children's Home is a non-profit organization and has been an independent licensed children's home for twenty years. Financial support is provided by donations from individuals along with a subvention from the government.
Here is the list of items that the New Hope Children's Home in Mandeville, Jamaica could desperately use:

Crib sheets (new or used)
Mosquito netting for cribs
Baby bottles and nipples
Vegetable seeds
Baby wipes
Baby walkers
Sippy cups
Secured camera system
Vitamins (baby and young child) 
Lotion (fragrance free/hypoallergenic)
Antibiotic ointment
Peanut butter

For more information please contact Victoria Duley.